STARLINE is the leader in electrical power distribution in the mission critical, commercial and light industrial industries with "Starline" Track Busway. It was designed to meet the rugged specification of the UL857, Busway and Associated Fittings, with the flexible features of track lighting â?? and is comprised of 6 physical size with 11 different electrical system configurations. Systems run from 40 Amp to 1200 Amp with isolated ground. It is the simple, versatile, fast and economical solution for supplying power to electrical loads and is unique because the busway can be instantly tapped at any location, with a variety of plug-in units. Loads fed from a variety of plug-in units can be easily added or removed without shutting power down to the busway.


System Layout Drawing


Voltage: 415V/ 600V AC

Ampere Rating: (T3)100A, (T3)225A, (T5)250A, (T5)400A, (T5)800A, (T5)1200A

Ingress Protection: IP2X

Enclosure: Extruded Aluminium

Type Of Configuration: 3 phases (R, Y, B / L1, L2, L3)

Neutral Busbar: 100% / 200% of phase busbar

Earth Busbar: Internal Ground

Conductor: Copper / Hybrid (Cu/Al)

Highlighted Features

- The first-of-its-kind continuous access slot that runs along the bottom of the system presents you with the flexibility of being able to easily change or add to operational layouts in the future without losing any uptime- simply insert a plug-in unit wherever power is required.

- The various configurations possible include options for outlets, drop cords, circuit breakers, fused disconnects, terminal blocks and power metering. No matter what the specifications, we will provide compact and reliable Starline Plug-In Units that are specially tailored to fit your needs.

- Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) puts actionable data at your fingertips, allowing you to make purposeful decisions. Starline CPM may be used as part of the Starline Track Busway system or as a standalone solution, and supports a variety of communications options for seamless integration with BMS and DCIM packages.

- The temperature sensors for Starline busway feed terminals are fully integrated into Starline CPMs, and can be added as an option with your installation. This will provide real-time temperature data for the busway feed terminals, and can be trended over time to determine if loose connections are causing the terminals to heat. When this occurs, alarm thresholds can be set, notifying you of a potentially dangerous scenario before a failure occurs.